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About Us

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Mujeres Rising for Africa is a non profit organisation with the focus on Women empowerment, safe mobility, safety, creating new job opportunities and a new set of skills to improve their quality of life and economic independence.

Our Story

Lets ride together

Mujeres Rising for Africa, was born from the idea of Liliane Felix, a freelance photographer, who traveled and lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, portraying all kinds of people in remote areas around the world and documenting their experiences and way of life for different organisations and Ngo´s, such as Africa Direct, Wil Uganda, Wori, One day Yes, Arise and Shine, Awra Amba community, Streets Of India, Femmes Solidaires. After living two years in Africa, mainly in Uganda, she fell in love with the country, its people, the strength and dignity of its women. She bought herself her own boda (motorcycle), the main transportation mean in Uganda, and drove from Kampala to Jinja.  Her  experience allowed her to understand first-hand the many barriers that keep women invisible regarding essential rights and opportunities, lacking the essential tools for their empowerment. Gender equality, social visibility, economic and financial independence, access to the labor market and the free development of their personality and being, are some of the many challenges faced by women on this continent. On February 5, 2022, Liliane founded Mujeres Rising For Africa, a community-based non-profit organisation in Uganda, whose main objective is to empower women through increased job opportunities, secure access to mobility and mobility independence as well as economic. Mujeres Rising for Africa believes that women’s participation in the various economic, political, social and environmental sectors is the key to achieving sustainable human development.

Mujeres Rising for Africa’s programs, therefore, aim to give women the opportunity to become economically independent, and teach them to believe in their capabilities, contributing to gender equality and their growth as people and human beings in their own right.
The beneficiaries of Mujeres Rising for Africa’s interventions are women over 18 years of age, with limited resources, without access to safe mobility and without basic skills or tools to improve their quality of life and knowledge




Gender Equality

Our Volunteers

Meet the team

We are dedicated to our project and adding some new members to our community everyday.


Liliane Felix

Founder President Executive Director

Liliane went to Photography School at the Miami Art Center. She lived in Paris, Lisbon, Mexico , New York , Miami, Asia and East Africa. Currently based in Spain, after years of working in the fashion industry she started collaborating with Non profit Organisations as a photographer and volunteer. Every journey for her is a story, and the story of Mujeres Rising for Africa started when she decided to settle in Uganda, where she worked for various NGO’s mainly as a coordinator and photographer. After her services with local NGO’s and her own  living experience in Jinja, Liliane decided to start up her own women organisation Mujeres Rising for Africa, with the help of local friends and the community in Jinja and Kampala district. She is aiming to improve women’s economic status, creating financial independence and levelling the plain field between men and women in the economic growth and participation in men dominated fields, promoting equality for all, safety and security for women.

Betty (1)

Betty Kasabbiti

Operations Director Uganda

Betty has years of experience in projects focused on the development of  her community. Her personal and work experience makes her  adaptable to work in most diversified communities. She values women development and believes in building networks with women. Betty highly believes that Mujeres Rising for Africa programs will have an impact on the women development and well being. She is a valuable asset to our women community and its execution on the field.


Tracy Nabunje

Operations Manager Uganda

Tracy is Social Worker who has worked with a number of Women Organisations. During her time with these organisations she has been able to uplift and empower a number of women in various aspects of their lives such as economic empowerment which has led to financial independence and realisation of the full potential for the women. She has also fought to break cultural and societal biases towards women, for example helping young girls attain meaningful education as well as empowering women to do jobs that men do because what men can do women can do better.
She believes that raising up your voice not so that you shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.


Annamaria Monaco

CO Founder VP

Annamaria has over 20 years of experience in the project planning and management practices in consulting business having worked for different organisations, including non profit ones. She possesses multiple skills covering many areas such as administration, project planning and management, reporting, budgeting, auditing, and financial analysis. She has participated in different acts of volunteering, having been a volunteer for the Red Cross in Spain. She believes that gender equality and the empowerment of women are the keys to creating a sustainable and safe world.  Annamaria is highly motivated by working in teams belonging  to different cultures, mentoring, and skilling others and stepping up to new responsibilities.

Jimena_portraitcrop copy

Jimena Murabito

CO Founder Secretary

Jimena is a dynamic visual artist and a real estate broker based in Miami Beach, Florida. With over 15 years of international property management, a strong creative background, and extensive voyages around the globe, she brings her cultural knowledge and strong interest in diversity and communities growth. Jimena has cultivated a passion for travelling, communities, and cultural differences. Expression of freedom, independence, and movement has always been the key for a women in this society. She joined the organisation to assist in raising woman’s evolution, empowerment & gender equality in Uganda.


Eva Rosell

CO Founder Treasury

Eva has worked for many years in the construction industry, empowering herself in a world created apparently only for men. She is a mechanic lover, photographer and backpacker addicted. Eva has been travelling around the world and has decide to collaborate in this project to help women who are dealing with the same situation of gender discrimination. Her philosophy  “If you want to go fast, walk on your own, If you want to go further, walk sharing” African proverb.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 15.03.56

Andrea Díaz

Operation Manager Spain

Andrea has more than 12 years of experience in companies like Uber and Kimberly Clark, and decided to do what she likes the most: help people get the most out of their businesses. In addition, she is an astrologer, she loves to travel, she has a dog and a cat for children and she definitely believes in teamwork. Her mission: see her clients grow, with all this, she joined the MRFA team as a volunteer and with her skills as well as her enchanted persona she become an asset in our organisation growth and network.


Gemma Rubiol

Expansion Manager

Gemma is a publicist from Barcelona. After many years working in the sector, an existential crisis made her rethink her way of life and begin to become aware of the inequalities in the world, especially between the North and the South. This led her to travel and learn about the reality of different countries, as well as to collaborate with several NGOs linked to the African Continent, such as Intermón Oxfam or Afrikable. When she met Lili, she fell in love with her project, Mujeres Rising for Africa, and decided to join the team with the aim of helping the NGO grow.


Olga Simon Moreno

Public Relations-Coordinator

Olga has a degree in history, she is a coach and instructor in Mindfulness among other things. Her passion is people, the origin of all her learning and experience academically  and personally from being around them. Entrepreneur and traveller she has lived in various continents and countries, her passion has taken her since the beginning into international cooperation, working around many places around the world such as Inda, Nepal, Bolivia, South Africa, Peru and volunteering for the Direct Help Foundation ( Nepal ), Hugging Nepal, Mitri Peru, Red Cross, and small private and ecclesiastical Ngos. Her collaboration and participation with them has been part of her personal and profesional bagage. Communicator and with a great sense of social consciousness her look towards improvement and progress of women has been the protagonist in her life.  

Mujeres rising for Africa is one of her latest projects acquired and adopted by the hands of Liliane Felix a friend and president. 

MRFA begins its journey and is fully registered in Spain and Uganda when Olga is having the satisfaction of to join the team at its early beginning to continue understanding the solidarity the support towards gender equality, and the development of women in Uganda.